Your Healthy Choices


For those looking to do a detox or cleanse as well as people looking for short term health goals such as diet for an event.

  • $0.15/gram (Before Sale Price)
  • $4.47/ounce (Before Sale Price)


Our most popular option. This size is for people looking for their daily nutritional needs to ensure your body has everything it needs to function at it’s peak performance. It is typically good for a month's supply at a 30g serving daily.

  • $0.14/gram (Before Sale Price)
  • $3.98/ounce (Before Sale Price)


Perfect for those who have long term weight loss goals or looking for a meal replacement. As indicated on our home page under weight loss, typically this is for people taking a 60g serving as a full meal replacement. 

  • $0.11/gram (Before Sale Price)
  •  $3.33/ounce (Before Sale Price)