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Claralux Nutrition - Frequently Asked Questions

Claralux was formulated to clean and bring the body into balance in order to bring essential nutrients to the brain. Each ingredient in Claralux is designed for this purpose in a specific way. More info can be found on our ingredients page.

Some benefits of daily consumption are: Improved gut and digestion health, immune system supprt, increased energy and stamina, better athletic performance, faster recovery, increased focus and mental alertness, improved memory response.

Claralux is sourced from 100% organic suppliers and made in a certified organic kitchen following best manufacturing practices. Claralux does not carry the USDA certification because it is meaningless as to obtain this you simply need to fill out an application and pay some money without your product ever being tested. Instead Claralux has all of our sourced ingredients 3rd party tested for impurities and heavy metals to ensure we are getting the highest quality of organic product from reputable suppliers.

Everybody’s body is different and has different needs. Our serving size is measured in 60g servings. That is the amount needed for a full meal replacement value. We recommend people take a min. of 30g per serving to ensure you are getting the benefits from the ingredients.

You can take Claralux mixed with any liquid. Many of our customers mix it in with their smoothies, water, orange juice, almond milk and a few even cook with it. It is less important how you take and more important that you are taking it daily.

Claralux has no added flavouring, colors or preservatives. With our new formula which includes 100% pure monk fruit, Claralux has a sweet taste with a hint of cinnamon combined with taste of greens. Different people are able to taste different flavors more prominently in Claralux based on their taste. Some can really taste the spice of the ginger and turmeric, others only taste the green flavor. One thing is certain that the new formula definitely has a sweet taste to it and has been loved by our loyal customers.

Claralux is an excellent product to help detox and cleanse your body. We have many customers who will only take Claralux for 4-7 days in order to completely detox and flush their system. Because Claralux meets all the requirements as a meal replacement and is only 130 calories per 60g serving it is an excellent supplement to use in your diet. Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting any new diet program.

Claralux is more than just a greens powder. While Claralux does have a greens mix in our formula, Claralux was designed and formulated for total body and mind health. We have researched and selected ingredients that help the body and mind in all of their functions instead of relying on just 1 thing such as weight loss, or detox. Claralux truly is an all in 1 supplement that has everything your body and mind need. Another major factor to consider when looking to supplement your diet is the amount of each ingredient you are getting. Claralux has a minimum recommended serving size of 30g with 25 ingredients. Others in this industry have upwards of 75 ingredients and less than 10g serving sizes. At these levels your body simply can not use or gain the benefit of these ingredients.